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1 May, 2019

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Unknown Space is a fresh coat of paint on the top-down space shooters of the 1970's and 80's. Players launch their spaceship through the colorful warpgate and try to survive in hyperspace against a battalion of enemy fighters. Each of the different playable spaceships has a unique navigation mechanic, such as the Warp Ship that allows the player to teleport around avoiding incoming fire, or the Space Freighter that uses a photon shield to block enemy projectiles. The spaceships are all controlled through intuitive drag, tap and hold touch-screen controls. The difficulty of each gameplay session can be adjusted with the Intensity Slider, allowing bullet-hell veterans to give themselves the ultimate challenge, while players looking for a more relaxed experience can navigate at a comfortable pace.


Unknown Space is the first production from Neo Arcade, a games studio from Melbourne Australia. As our name suggests, Neo Arcade strives to combine the nostalgic elements from the videogames of yesteryear with modern practicalities and technologies. Born from a game-jam in February 2018, Unknown Space is our modern take on the 'retro' shooters from the arcade cabinets of the 70's and 80's. With prototype in hand, we decided to continue work on Unknown Space, as it's elegant design, streamlined controls and engaging gameplay loop made it easy to pick up, but hard to put down.


  • Blast, warp and laser your way through hyperspace with fast, intuitive gameplay.
  • Unlock 4 spaceships with radically diverse attack patterns and playstyles.
  • Blitz through 60-second levels and finish a game in the time it takes to cook toast.
  • Adjust the intensity with 10 scales of difficulty and play at a pace that suits you.
  • Take control of your gaming experience, with unobtrusive monetization and opt-in ads.
  • Prove your flight skills by returning regularly for daily challenges.
  • Jump swiftly back into the action with quick load times and a fast game-loop.


Unknown Space Game Trailer  YouTube


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Kenney Assets
Primary Models and Art by Kenney Assets kenney.nl.

Unity 3D
Unknown Space is proudly made with the Unity game engine unity.com.

About Neo Arcade Pty Ltd

Neo Arcade makes original video games and interactive experiences for a range of devices. By taking an ethics-first approach to creating entertainment, we maximise benefits for all stakeholders involved in building and engaging with our products. We source local suppliers, encourage industry unionisation, and endorse the adoption of positive business practices within the independent games sector.

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Unknown Space Credits

Rowan Donaldson
Design & Development

Patrick Ferguson
Programming, Design & Development

Audio Design & Music


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[email protected]

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[email protected]



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